This website documents the Jewish role in overturning obscenity laws and regulations in the United States, as well as their preeminent role in the sexualization of society and the promotion and spread of pornography.

Everything on this website is included in my book Merchants of Sin, which is now available on Amazon.

If you appreciate the work on this website, please consider purchasing a copy. A considerable amount of time and money was spent on researching and writing it.

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  1. As a religious Jew I think that you are extremely misguided. All of these immoral things that you blame my nation of directly contrast the morals we’ve held for thousands of years. This is baseless racism of a nation that wants only peace and values morals and healthy society above anything else. I highly recommend you read some Jewish texts and realize that there can be bad people in any populous or religion, but those people are extremely condemned by Jews. Feel free to respond with questions or comments about Judaism.

    An extremely disturbed reader


    • It may be only a minority of Jews that do what is discussed in this series – I don’t deny that. I also don’t doubt that Judaism is against this kind of immorality (I’m assuming most of the Jews discussed are liberal secular Jews rather than Orthodox).

      Nor do I deny that many gentiles are involved as well. But it is still a shocking overrepresentation of Jews, there is no getting around it. Just read Unclean Lips: Obscenity, Jews and American Culture by Joshua Lambert, himself a Jew, if you don’t believe me. In fact, I use almost exclusively Jewish sources.

      Anyway, thanks for writing.


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