The Jews never faced much anti-Semitism in America. This is due, in large part, to the underlying ideologies it was founded on; namely, universalistic interpretations of Christianity and Enlightenment ideals of freedom, equality and opportunity for all.

These principles, which were arguably created with noble intent – and based on the values inherent in a society of European-descended peoples of high moral character – crippled the defenses of the individualistic-minded white natives and gave the Jews free reign to consolidate power at a rather alarming rate, virtually unchecked.

The Jews began emigrating to the United States in waves around 1880, when their population was only about 250,000. Within a decade that number was nearly double, and by the 1930s it had shot to 3 to 4 million.

Many of these immigrants – if not most – were Eastern European Jews of the nastiest sort, and they immediately became vastly overrepresented among criminals and subversives.

A 1908 police commissioner report shows that while the Jews made up only a quarter of the population of New York City at that time, they were responsible for 50% of its crime.1

Land of the free.

One of their more common criminal activities has always been the sale and promotion of pornography and smut.

Two quotes should suffice in backing up this assertion, one from an anti-Semite, and one from a Jew.

Firstly, an early opponent of the Jews in America, Greek scholar T.T. Timayenis, wrote in his 1888 book The Original Mr. Jacobs that nearly “all obscene publications are the work of the Jews,” and that the

historian of the future who shall attempt to describe the catalogue of the filthy publications issued by the Jews during the last ten years will scarcely believe the evidence of his own eyes. Scenes of gross debauchery, representing drunken monks in the society of girls, priests lashing nude women, filthy groups, and other outrageous pictures, are displayed on all sides, with Jewish effrontery, in the windows and stores.2

One such “historian of the future,” Jay Gertzman, who is himself Jewish, and quite proud of his tribe’s historic role in peddling obscenity in America, wrote in his 2004 book on that topic, Bookleggers and Smuthounds, that

Jewish erotica dealers seem to have become prominent in the field soon after the eastern European immigrants began arriving in record numbers in 1880. The best evidence of this, apart from the name of offenders as reported in newspapers, are the listings in the yearly ledgers of the NYSSV [New York Society for the Suppression of Vice].”3

Gertzman supplies a chart of those who were arrested for obscenity by religion, based on the NYSSV records between the years of 1882 and 1939.

The chart shows a consistent disproportion of Jews, and culminates in the shocking and revealing 1939 statistic of 28 Jews, 2 Catholics, and 0 Protestants. He further notes how the figures “may be skewed” regarding Jewish involvement, given that “the ‘religion’ column was left blank fairly often.”4

Example of a typical NYSSV ledger. Note that ‘Boni & Liveright’ were both Jews and the “Russians” were also racial Jews.

The above should come as no surprise, as it is a fairly well known fact that the pornography industry in our current day is heavily Jewish (see part 9).

The difference between then and now, though, is that back then it was illegal to peddle smut in this country – and the laws were enforced – while now our society is saturated in it, and the pornographers are almost never prosecuted.

This is due to a series of landmark liberalizing court cases over obscenity during the past century, along with a general loosening of the attitude on sexual morality, both of which the Jews have played a very heavy hand in.5

What follows in this series of articles is a brief history of this process, in order to give the reader an idea of how we got from then – when traders in pornography were seen and treated as the lowliest of criminals – to now – where the hardest of hardcore porn is accepted to the point where even children have instant access to it via their laptops and smartphones.

Now, while there were of course many other crucial elements that helped bring about the climate in which the liberalization of these laws could take place, the role of Jews can hardly be overstated. They were, if not the most important factor, certainly a necessary and decisive one.

We will see that essentially there has been a war going on between whites and Jews, with whites struggling to maintain a clean and decent society, and Jews fighting to make filth and obscenity acceptable – a war which whites have thus far been losing, miserably.

In order to deal with a problem, I believe, it is necessary to locate its source, in order to pull it out at the root; and it is my assertion that the root of our problem with pornography is the toleration of Jews in our midst and our failure to fight against their criminal and subversive tendencies on a collective basis.

By this I mean dealing with them as Jews, as a group, rather than just a collection of individuals, some bad, some good.

They themselves operate as a cohesive group and perceive us as a racial enemy and act accordingly with deliberate, calculated attacks designed to weaken us and our civilization, as what weakens us morally in turn gives them more power.

This has even been admitted by Jews themselves, in moments of candor. Dr. Nathan Abrams, for instance, wrote in the Jewish Quarterly that Jewish involvement in the sex industry is “the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion.”6

This seems to be part of an evolutionary strategy that the Jews have adopted over millennia, having spent the majority of their history functioning as a hostile racial minority, feeding off of the resources of whichever unfortunate peoples they were living among at any given time.

The well-documented parasitism and hostility of the Jews has gotten them kicked out of European countries well over 100 times in the past. They well aware of this fact, and are determined to do whatever is necessary to ensure it never happens again.

Along with being a racial attack, power grab, and survival strategy, another clear motivational factor is, of course, simply economical.

Pornography has by far one of the highest profit margins of any business venture, making it the perfect occupation for those lacking a moral objection to it.

The sale of vice exploits man’s weaknesses, destroys families, and lowers the moral fabric of society, all to the great benefit of a tiny minority of unscrupulous and sleazy men. This is obvious, and is why there has been – and needs to be – restrictions in place in order to prevent it.

In part 1 we will look at the Jewish involvement in the early battles over obscenity, including the first landmark case concerning the book Ulysses by James Joyce, and in part 2 we will explore the great comic-book scare of the 1940s and 50s.

If you’ve enjoyed this series, please consider purchasing a print copy from Amazon. A considerable amount of time and money was spent on writing and researching it.


  1. Police Commissioner Theodore A. Bingham, “Foreign Criminals in New York,” The North American Review, Volume 188, September 1, 1908, p.385
  2. T.T. Timayenis, The Original Mr. Jacobs, 1888, p.289
  3. Jay A. Gertzman, Bookleggers and Smuthounds: The Trade in Erotica, 1920-1940, 2001, p.28
  4. Ibid, p.28-29
  5. Josh Lambert wrote on p.18 of his 2009 dissertation Unclean Lips: Obscenity and Jews in American Literature: “If one were to ask a lawyer or legal historian to list the five or ten most important cases on the question of obscenity decided by the U.S. Supreme Court before 1980, for example, the resulting list would certainly include Winters v. New York (1948), Roth v. U.S. (1957), Cohen v. California (1971), and Miller v. California (1973). Murray Winters (né Wishengrad) was arrested for selling sensational magazines, Samuel Roth for marketing erotica including works by Aubrey Beardsley, Paul Robert Cohen for wearing a jacket with the words “Fuck the Draft” on it into a courthouse, and Marvin Miller for a wide range of pornographic publications. All of these men were Jewish, as were the defendants in other infamous obscenity trials of the period, including Burstyn v. Wilson (1952), Freedman v. Maryland (1965), Mishkin v. New York (1966), Ginzburg v. U.S. (1966), and Ginsberg v. New York (1968). In short, the American obscenity trials that set the most authoritative legal precedents frequently concerned the criminality or legality of the cultural and business practices of American Jews.”
  6. Dr. Nathan Abrams, “Triple-exthnics,” Jewish Quarterly, Winter 2004 – Number 196

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  1. Due to circumstances not of not my control, I’ve been without internet service since this has been published.
    I’ve always been an admirer of you work on ‘other’ sites, and will start playing catch-up with your work in time.
    Exposing Our Eternal Nemesis, in a thoughtful and well-researched manner is something I admire.
    Keep up the excellent work, and look forward to reading more of your work.
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